Getting ready to slaughter

Dearly Deceased … Well the time is near !!

We are heading for our first gig as Arsenic Addict, on the 6th Oct 2017.
We will be performing aloneside acts the thrashers Impaler, Advesor,  and the death metal band Deadflesh.
Everyone  in Arsenic Addict is excited for the show, and  we want to perform our best ,

so we have expanded  our weekly rehearsal, to be  twice a week.

This is so we can perform our  best at the live  event.

Well  everyone besides  me  (Morten,  Vocalist),  has done live shows , many times before. 

This being a first time  for me  as  a vocalist, well if you don’t count the “drunk onstage performances” i have made,

is  thrilling to me , almost like  murdering for the first time for a serial killer.

Well I have cheated  a bit, I went and  had a talk at a conference  in september of 2017, talking  about  some  of my work-related stuff.

But everyone here in Camp A33A, are ready to have a party and deliver  a show to people  who come  to the show, and we also hope we might gain new fans !!!

So for now …  We marked our first victim , Now  go ahead and die !!!!.