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Single Released and Hell comes around 3 and other news.

Greetings !! We have some new  stuff for you guys! First off  we have release a single, on the concept compilation called "Hell Comes Around...
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Getting ready to slaughter

Dearly Deceased ... Well the time is near !! We are heading for our first gig as Arsenic Addict, on the 6th Oct 2017. We...
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what are we doing ?

Well dearly deceased. we are currently getting our live-set together, and getting our inner demons to sync up. As you all know we have gotten...
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Introducing new member and live event

Dearly Deceased! We have put our murdering on hold for a while, and we would like to welcome another addict in our lineup. It is...
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Metal Night, Huset 27 may 2017

Come see our Friends play Live The bands are The Tombless, Crown the Beast (our rehearsel buddies) And Nord See event Info here
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Arsenic Addict Releases new Preproduction track

Arsenic Addict has released a new Preproduction track, with the Title "Mark My Victim". The song is about a the thoughts of a serial killers...
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Welcome to Arsenic Addict official homepage.

This is The Addict speaking!


You may know me by many names, but they are not my names, but i am them.

When i am them they might think, they are God and some may think they are The Devil , Lucifer or Baal or think i am a demon possessing them.

I am above the devine, as there is no divinity in me only the pureness of evil.

You might know me by the names , that i have been called.

Names like Jack The Ripper,Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, Theodore Bundy and even John Wayne Gacy.

I have now come to spread the word among you, as for me, you all are known as The “Dearly Deceased” , because in my eyes you all are already dead.

I speak to through this obscure and obscene act known as Arsenic Addict  or as i call them, “My Depraved Slaves”…

So my Dearly Deceased until, i need to notice you any further or give you any important information,where you can witness my deadly ways and hear my horrid tunes … Don’t meet me in a dark alley….


Yours truly

The Addict