Morten Moesgaard

Arsenic Addict Morten moesgaard vocals
Arsenic Addict Morten moesgaard vocals

Morten wat the lead vocals  in the band, he wrote most of the lyrics.
His inspiration for vocals is very mixed.

Shure SM55 Deluxe , Behringer cheap ass microphones

Inspirational vocalists:
Mike patton, Mina Caputo / Keith Caputo, George “corpse grinder”,Glen Benton, Dani Filth, Ozzy Osbourne, King Diamond,Mads Haarløv, Martin Rosendahl, Hank III

Fan of bands:
Faith No More,King Diamond, Nile, Life Of Agony, Deicide, Cannibal Corpse, Black Sabbath, PAIN, gorefest, Hank III
And many more

Morten work as an Operations Specialist at one of Denmark’s biggest television stations.
He is also a web developer and computer enthusiast in his sparetime, some call him a nerd and a geek, as he often rants about computer stuff, that leaves most people just stand and stare, like he is a weirdo.