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Single Released and Hell comes around 3 and other news.

Greetings !! We have some new  stuff for you guys! First off  we have release a single, on the concept compilation called “Hell Comes Around III”. Hell Comes Around is a concept that started in Odense (H.C. Andersens birthtown hens the “H.C.A” pun) around 10+ Years ago, by some different …

Introducing new member and live event

Dearly Deceased! We have put our murdering on hold for a while, and we would like to welcome another addict in our lineup. It is with bloodcurdling excitement we present our new (dis)member Ryan Kristensen ,some of you might know him from Compos Mentis, will be taking care of the …

Arsenic Addict Releases new Preproduction track

Arsenic Addict has released a new Preproduction track, with the Title “Mark My Victim”. The song is about a the thoughts of a serial killers thoughts , and a slight hint of his trademark.. the removal of their eyelids, so they can “see” him as he kills them. Also the …

Arsenic Addict would like to say thanks to Sander

We would like  to say thanks  to Sander for trying out as a guitarist. It has been decided that our ways part, so Sander can concentrate on his education and we fully respect that. no hard feelings from either sides.


Arsenic Addict would like to say thanks to

Arsenic Addict would like to say thanks to Niels Thybæk-Hansen from NORРfor trying out as our guitarist,  and we do understand 2 bands and family life never  go hand in hand. All the power to you dude, see  you out on the road!! We also want to thank Frank Truelsen for …

Arsenic Addict will release new songs shortly

Arsenic Addict is in the process of releasing new songs. The Tracks that will be released are: Reborn in psychotic rage Serenade from beyond Among the dead Choker