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Single Released and Hell comes around 3 and other news.

Greet­ings !! We have some new  stuff for you guys! First off  we have release a sin­gle, on the con­cept com­pi­la­tion called “Hell Comes Around III”. Hell Comes Around is a con­cept that start­ed in Odense (H.C. Ander­sens birth­town hens the “H.C.A” pun) around 10+ Years ago, by some dif­fer­ent …

Introducing new member and live event

Dear­ly Deceased! We have put our mur­der­ing on hold for a while, and we would like to wel­come anoth­er addict in our line­up. It is with blood­cur­dling excite­ment we present our new (dis)member Ryan Kris­tensen ‚some of you might know him from Com­pos Men­tis, will be tak­ing care of the …

Arsenic Addict Releases new Preproduction track

Arsenic Addict has released a new Pre­pro­duc­tion track, with the Title “Mark My Vic­tim”. The song is about a the thoughts of a ser­i­al killers thoughts , and a slight hint of his trade­mark.. the removal of their eye­lids, so they can “see” him as he kills them. Also the …

Arsenic Addict would like to say thanks to Sander

We would like  to say thanks  to Sander for try­ing out as a gui­tarist. It has been decid­ed that our ways part, so Sander can con­cen­trate on his edu­ca­tion and we ful­ly respect that. no hard feel­ings from either sides.

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Arsenic Addict would like to say thanks to

Arsenic Addict would like to say thanks to Niels Thy­bæk-Hansen from NORРfor try­ing out as our gui­tarist,  and we do under­stand 2 bands and fam­i­ly life nev­er  go hand in hand. All the pow­er to you dude, see  you out on the road!! We also want to thank Frank Tru­elsen for …

Arsenic Addict will release new songs shortly

Arsenic Addict is in the process of releas­ing new songs. The Tracks that will be released are: Reborn in psy­chot­ic rage Ser­e­nade from beyond Among the dead Chok­er