Single Released and Hell comes around 3 and other news.

Greetings !!

We have some new  stuff for you guys!

First off  we have release a single, on the concept compilation called “Hell Comes Around III”.
Hell Comes Around is a concept that started in Odense (H.C. Andersens birthtown hens the “H.C.A” pun) around 10+ Years ago, by some different metal bands,
and some of the guys are the  ones behind the concept still.

You can find on most ( if not all ) major streaming services like Spotify, Search for “Hell comes around” or the tracks title “Seranade From Beyond”.
The track is about a seranade  from the  underworld , the place of the dead and it how they send a message to the living.
To us it will sound horrid and morbid , as it is wailing screams of torture, but all they sing about it the eternal pain they live in.

So the reason for bringing this up , is that we are going to play at the release party for this compilation,  so far there has been released 3 singles from 3 different band,
you can see who has had released a single beside us in this video (This promo is in danish btw ).

HCA III Single Teasers no. 1

Så er vi klar med de første godter fra posen – Arsenic Addict, NORÐ og Skybreaker. Du kan høre dem på din ynglingsstreamingtjeneste på fredag!

Gepostet von Hell Comes Around am Mittwoch, 25. Juli 2018

The special thing about this event , is it will be available  on streaming services , BUT you will be able to ge ahold of a physical copy aswll … a Vinyl Record infact wich will be sold at the release party!!
The order of the bands is not going to be published, so be there  when the event starts, because maybe a band you like go on stage early or late no one will know, untill you see them on stage.
We might also bring  a treat, as  we might be playing a new song, that we have been working on in the rehearsel room for the last couple of months.
Oh and also have a look out for events coming up , for the Hell Comes Around aftermath. 

So now you know a bit about Hell Comes Around , then let me bring you the next piece of news.

We are going to play at a Horror festival called “Skrækfest 2018” , which is Horror movie,book and music festival, and we will take part in this with the band Terrorpy .
we will be playing bloodsoaked , to ge you in that killer frenzy mood that horror deserves !!