Single Released and Hell comes around 3 and other news.

Greet­ings !!

We have some new  stuff for you guys!

First off  we have release a sin­gle, on the con­cept com­pi­la­tion called “Hell Comes Around III”.
Hell Comes Around is a con­cept that start­ed in Odense (H.C. Ander­sens birth­town hens the “H.C.A” pun) around 10+ Years ago, by some dif­fer­ent met­al bands,
and some of the guys are the  ones behind the con­cept still.

You can find on most ( if not all ) major stream­ing ser­vices like Spo­ti­fy, Search for “Hell comes around” or the tracks title “Ser­anade From Beyond”.
The track is about a ser­anade  from the  under­world , the place of the dead and it how they send a mes­sage to the liv­ing.
To us it will sound hor­rid and mor­bid , as it is wail­ing screams of tor­ture, but all they sing about it the eter­nal pain they live in.

So the rea­son for bring­ing this up , is that we are going to play at the release par­ty for this com­pi­la­tion,  so far there has been released 3 sin­gles from 3 dif­fer­ent band,
you can see who has had released a sin­gle beside us in this video (This pro­mo is in dan­ish btw ).

HCA III Sin­gle Teasers no. 1

Så er vi klar med de første godter fra posen — Arsenic Addict, NORÐ og Sky­break­er. Du kan høre dem på din ynglingsstream­ingt­jen­este på fredag!

Gepostet von Hell Comes Around am Mittwoch, 25. Juli 2018

The spe­cial thing about this event , is it will be avail­able  on stream­ing ser­vices , BUT you will be able to ge ahold of a phys­i­cal copy aswll … a Vinyl Record infact wich will be sold at the release par­ty!!
The order of the bands is not going to be pub­lished, so be there  when the event starts, because maybe a band you like go on stage ear­ly or late no one will know, untill you see them on stage.
We might also bring  a treat, as  we might be play­ing a new song, that we have been work­ing on in the rehearsel room for the last cou­ple of months.
Oh and also have a look out for events com­ing up , for the Hell Comes Around after­math. 

So now you know a bit about Hell Comes Around , then let me bring you the next piece of news.

We are going to play at a Hor­ror fes­ti­val called “Skræk­fest 2018″ , which is Hor­ror movie,book and music fes­ti­val, and we will take part in this with the band Ter­ror­py .
we will be play­ing blood­soaked , to ge you in that killer fren­zy mood that hor­ror deserves !!