what are we doing ?

Well dear­ly deceased.

we are cur­rent­ly get­ting our live-set togeth­er, and get­ting our inner demons to sync up.
As you all know we have got­ten Ryan onboard, he is a fast learn­er, so the songs are get­ting along very well.
Cur­rent­ly we are work­ing on the song “The Cham­ber”, it gives us some chal­lenges, but we are get­ting it done (most­ly the vocal part).
but all in all we are all hyped for the live event on the 6th of oct. and well, if you are lucky, we might hav­ing more con­certs on our tapes­try of death.
Also we are con­sid­er­ing bring­ing T‑Shirts to our live show, maybe it will be a lim­it­ed press of shirts, so grab yours when you are there !!

so stay met­al!!

Arsenic Addict.