arsenic addict Live at studenter huset

Stu­dents get in cheap­er!!! Event descrip­tion: Arsenic Addict are a Death met­al band from Odense Den­mark. They’ve got a new singer, Son­ja H.Atefull. NORÐ are a melod­ic-pro­­gres­­sive met­al­rock band from Odense. They’ve got a new singer, Anit­ta Soliz Nielsen. We are real­ly excit­ed to hear these two awe­some …

Skrækfest 2018

DOUBLE DEATHFEST Lørdag den 29. sep­tem­ber kl. 19.30–21.30 Dødsmet­al-extrav­a­­gan­za med to af Odens­es bed­ste met­al­ensem­bler, Arsenic Addict og Ter­ror­py.  Sving gar­net, vis dine horn og byd døden velkom­men til Musik­bib­lioteket. I samar­be­jde med Met­al Mek­ka. Gratis adgang. Sted: Borg­ernes Hus

Hell Comes Around III

Arsenic Addict is going to play at this event.   Husker du Hell Comes Around 1 og 2? Kan du huske hvor fedt det var – eller har du hørt his­to­ri­erne om, hvorledes releasep­a­r­tyet var ved at tømme Kansas City for øl, da størst­ede­len af den fynske met­alscene sat­te en …

Single Released and Hell comes around 3 and other news.

Greet­ings !! We have some new  stuff for you guys! First off  we have release a sin­gle, on the con­cept com­pi­la­tion called “Hell Comes Around III”. Hell Comes Around is a con­cept that start­ed in Odense (H.C. Ander­sens birth­town hens the “H.C.A” pun) around 10+ Years ago, by some dif­fer­ent …

CC Hegn silkeborg

Arsenic Addict Will be Play­ing at this CC Hegn fes­ti­val. More infor­ma­tion will fol­low. Bands we will be play­ing with. Detes­ta­tion Blood­turn Dis­rule Goat hawk buff­fa­lo Lipid Course Cor­rec­tion LET Slöj OLM NP at the bash­ing Fordærv Buy tick­et here  

Getting ready to slaughter

Dearly Deceased … Well the time is near !!

We are head­ing for our first gig as Arsenic Addict, on the 6th Oct 2017.
We will be per­form­ing alone­side acts the thrash­ers Impaler, Advesor,  and the death met­al band Dead­flesh.
Every­one  in Arsenic Addict is excit­ed for the show, and  we want to per­form our best ,

so we have expand­ed  our week­ly rehearsal, to be  twice a week.

This is so we can per­form our  best at the live  event.

Well  every­one besides  me  (Morten,  Vocal­ist),  has done live shows , many times before. 

This being a first time  for me  as  a vocal­ist, well if you don’t count the “drunk onstage per­for­mances” i have made,

is  thrilling to me , almost like  mur­der­ing for the first time for a ser­i­al killer.

Well I have cheat­ed  a bit, I went and  had a talk at a con­fer­ence  in sep­tem­ber of 2017, talk­ing  about  some  of my work-relat­ed stuff.

But every­one here in Camp A33A, are ready to have a par­ty and deliv­er  a show to peo­ple  who come  to the show, and we also hope we might gain new fans !!!

So for now …  We marked our first vic­tim , Now  go ahead and die !!!!.

what are we doing ?

Well dear­ly deceased. we are cur­rent­ly get­ting our live-set togeth­er, and get­ting our inner demons to sync up. As you all know we have got­ten Ryan onboard, he is a fast learn­er, so the songs are get­ting along very well. Cur­rent­ly we are work­ing on the song “The Cham­ber”, it …